Pink Fire Pointer Latest Update

Latest Update

The above Tattoo was done by another artist 5 months ago. Touchup/Redesign done by me.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Please note that I am not taking anymore appointments after the 15th of February 2013, until further notice. To those of you who have in-progress works going on, do get back to me ASAP. To those who want to get a new one, please set an appointment via SMS: 96676536 or Email:

$100 p/session promo still stands till the 15th February 2013, but do note it is NOT APPLICABLE for touchups of works of another Artist or to those who have cancelled their appointments with me 3 times in a row, or to those who were unable to complete the tattoo in time due to lack of pain tolerance, which resulted in more sessions than planned. The rate for the above mentioned individuals will be the usual $250 p/session. ( Price varies on the touchups of works. ) For more information, do contact me.